Teaching Philosophy

I believe that you – or your child – deserve the best musical instruction. Every student deserves great musical education.

My approach to teaching is based on two pillars: enthusiasm for music, and most professional teaching.

I strive to achieve a warm bond with you – or your child – to inspire her or him with my passion for music. This, in turn, creates the basis of my practice requirements. Consequently, most of my students are able to accomplish the progress of about two years of average piano study in one year.

Students in our Seter Studio receive a solid foundation: technique, sight reading, theory, and classical repertory – which enables our students to play any other style of their liking. In so doing, they they learn skills that can help them in other areas. Research has shown that the study of classical music enhances language, math, and science skills. Playing music from notes enormously sharpens the brain:

TED Ed – Lessons Worth Sharing
How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain
by Anita Collins (more than 9 million views)

Moreover, the study of classical music is often lauded as a pathway to success in other areas. See, for example: 


And see this, too:
“Learning Music Rally Does Make Students Smarter, New Study Shows,” Matthew Lorenzon, ABC Classic, 2021 : A Music Educator Set Out to Bust the Myth that Music Maked Kids Smarter but Was Stunned by His Own Findings


So, why Seter Studio?

Because I am fully aware of the current research, and I balance fun and accelerated progress.
I rarely teach future pianists or professional musicians. Most often, I teach students who later pursue other careers, and who receive the gift of classical music, with its benefits, for a lifetime. (That, in fact, I implemented with my own sons: one is a computer scientist and the other studies accounting, but I knew that the rigorous study of music during their childhoods and adolescences helped them achieve high levels of math and language skills. Plus, they both enjoy playing Jazz and Ragtime for fun!)

We begin with the foundation – with classical music. With this, my students have the technical ability to expand and play music of their choice, including popular, Jazz, their own improvisations, and their own compositions – to enrich our studio. This way, every lesson is truly unique to each and every student. We tailor the lesson to best fit your technical ability and musical curiosity.

Indeed, I believe that every student deserves the best music instruction. Students in financial need who meet the requirements of the  MusicLink Foundation are welcome with 50% tuition grant. Siblings receive 10% discount, and students who practice more than 7 hours a week consistently, are also eligible to a 10% grant, based on both merit and need. If you know a student who loves music and cannot afford lessons, pleas provide her or him with this information.

Finally – from the New York Times – “5 Minutes That Will Make You Love the Piano” – enjoy!