Policy Sheet

July 2022 – June 2023


Weekly lesson, as detailed below; see the yearly schedule.

Monthly Group Lessons–Theory and Music Appreciation

Performance opportunities through the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association (NVMTA)

 Winter and Summer studio Recitals


Teaching Philosophy; Practice; Progress Reports

All children are musical; music is primarily creative and expressive. Given musically rich environment and supportive parents and teachers, all children will move naturally through musical development, achieving the ability play and enjoy music.

The Seter Studio students are required to practice at least half an hour a day—a minimum of 3 hours a week. Parents should be involved and supportive of this practice: it is training just like that expected of athletes or dancers. As music instruction is a demanding pursuit, it becomes a family project, not just the student’s. Continuous, consistent practice, and complementary encouragement—and some supervision—by parents are not only a healthy habit for a musician that he or she can implement in other areas of study. Regular practice and supportive parents are the best guarantee for fun in the lesson – both for the student and for me as a teacher!

I welcome calls and E-mail correspondence to discuss both problems and progress. Please E-mail as often as you would like; any added information may help me teach better. You are welcome to call any time, but the best times to reach me by phone are mid-day, 12:30-1:30, and 8:30-10:00 at night.


Student Concerts

All students attend the monthly student concerts/group lessons, twelve times a year, including the summer months. In addition to the opportunity to perform in front of supporting audiences regularly, these mini-concerts also serve several additional goals: to explore some theoretical ideas, to gain insights about how to practice, and to talk about music history.



Annual tuition is competitive.

This tuition covers:

  • 6 summer lessons between June and September
  • 36 lessons between September and June
  • 2 studio recitals
  • 12 student-concerts, or performance-practice classes, monthly
  • the use of music library at the studio, the use of CD lending library, the lending of sight-reading sheet music
  • 4.5 lessons/events per month on average

Tuition does not include the sheet music; this must be bought separately

Yearly tuition may be paid in 3, 4, or 12 equal payments. There is a 10% discount for siblings. These payments are due on the 1st of each month.