Welcome to our Seter Piano Studio!

Are you looking for an enthusiastic, energetic teacher in a small studio, who can give singular attention to your daughter, your son, or to yourself? Do you wish to enhance their intellectual and technical abilities? Do you desire to challenge them in their musical ability, with the fun of accelerated progress on the piano? You are in the right place!

In our Seter Piano Studio, we have created a small community of devoted students – often, those who tried several studios, and finally found what they sought here with us. I, Ronit Seter, Ph.D. (musicology), bring over two decades of experience in teaching piano, theory, and music history in the US and abroad.

The Seter Studio is located near the center of Fairfax City, off Rt. 236 of Main St., one mile east of the downtown Fairfax City Regional Library.

Our Seter Studio students enjoy a rich program every year: weekly lessons, twelve monthly mini-concerts that involve theory Group Lessons; two Seter Studio concerts; and participation in a selection of events held by the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association such as the Fall Festival, Theory Mastery Day, Bach-Baroque Festival and Competition, and the Sonata Festival.

Seter Studio charges competitive tuition.

Please enjoy reading and watching these pages – and feel free to contact me for a free trial lesson.

“Our family has been with Seter Studio for 4 years now. We are very impressed with Dr. Seter, and our daughters have both grown leaps and bounds under her wing. They’ve learned not only classical piano, but also valuable life lessons about hard work, holding oneself to high standards, setting goals, and meeting challenges. Dr. Seter is a highly educated, experienced, and extremely dedicated teacher. She studies each child’s personality and caters her teaching style just to them. The combination of private instruction and group lessons is perfect because the kids get the benefit of both individualized attention and a community of learners that can inspire and support each other. We highly recommend this studio.” 

September 2020





Ronit Seter 

Peterson Street

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